March 22, 2013

Customizer-in-Residence @The Oakland Museum of California


I’m movin’ on my scraper bike
I’m cruisin’ on my scraper bike”

—From The Trunk Boiz’ “Scraper Bike”

When the world sends you signals that it plans on leaving you behind or when digital divides begin to feel like Grand Canyons, what can you do? If you are Tyrone Stevenson, you start a true movement, The Scraper Bike movement. Tyrone’s movement asks that you find your own upward mobility, cross lines, take leaps like daredevils over blocks and tracks while using the mass-produced and sugar coated wrappings of corner store candies to make your life the sweetest ride ever. Yes, a movement has a leader and a soundtrack but in the case of the Scraper Bike Movement, it has a bike that The Trunk Boiz remind you, “Got rims on candies, slappin’ too” and a reminder about trailblazers like Tyrone, “Don’t think I’m finished, I’m only halfway through.”

OMCA is hosting Bay Area experts in the gallery to lead demonstrations and hands-on activities for visitors that exemplify customization.

Fri 01.04.13 through Sun 01.06.13 1 - 4 pm
Tyrone Stevenson and his Scraper Bike crew started working on a bike during the
December Art Murmur. Watch him complete the project during his Customizer Residency and learn how to make your own Scraper Bike.

To Scrape Out:

Means to customize a bicycle in the scraper style. This may include spray painting the frame and embellishing the spokes of the bicycle wheels using duct tape, aluminum foil and candy wrappers.

Tips for Scraping Out Your Bike:

Colors! Colors! Colors! Think outside of the box when selecting colors for your scraper bike.
Recycle: Save and reuse your candy wrappers to decorate the spokes.
Think about the whole bike not just the parts.
Be creative and think outside the box.
How would you “Scrape Out” this bicycle? Show me how you scrape and join the conversation @
—Oakland Rover


Foyej Stuart said...

Years and years Local Councils and cycling bodies telling us that we need more training. There is no amount of training in the world that will make me think that my 8 year old is ok to share a road with a 40mph HGV.

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raidernation100s78 said...

im trying to find a scraper bike crew to join

SB said...

No news in a while. What's going on in Scraper Town?