August 27, 2012

"Scraper Bikes For Life" Saves Lives in Oakland"

On this day, the bikers were special guests of Sony Pictures at a special event, tied to the release of the film, Premium Rush on Friday, August 24. The film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight), is a big-budget, PG-rated action-adventure thriller, tailor-made for the urban bicycling crowd. It's big city, car-chase action, but with bikes. Gordon-Levitt's character is a daredevil Manhattan bike messenger who rides a "fixie," a customized bike with only one gear and no brakes. One of his deliveries leads him into an undercover world from which he must escape the only way he can--by pedaling furiously through city streets, dodging cars, taxis and pedestrians and riding like hell. The film reflects the growing nationwide interest in bicycling as both a pastime and a healthy way of life. Today, the occasion was the "Scraper Bikes for Life" contest, to determine which of these colorful mobile masterpieces would earn a special prize from the studio: a customized "fixie" by Republic Bikes, ridden by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt on the red carpet at the New York premiere of Premium Rush. (Disclosure: The author organized the "Scraper Bikes for Life" event.) (To read the full article, Click Link ---> Huffington

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