November 20, 2010

SF Bike Expo 2010


The Scraper Bike Team had a blast at this years Bike Expo.
Enjoy the pics!

Scraper Bike tallbike

Scraper Bike King

Scraper Bikes

Scraper Bike King

Scraper Bike King


indoor bike trainer reviews said...

Honestly, they are right. Instead of involving themselves on something illegal, they chose to express their selves in making these awesome bikes. Nice!

AxeMan said...

Check this out
Might give you guys some inspiration.
I saw these guys on a festival in Gothenburg Sweden once.I think there from England though.

Cory said...

Homie, I seen this video on and it damn near brought a tear to my eye. You've got the biggest props from me that I can possibly give. Keep doing what you're doing and keep them kids outta trouble.


Cory Lafitte

Top Rated Blogs in North America said...

Shared on FB, Pinterest and Google+. Keep up the awesome work.