October 14, 2010

Trick Or Treat!!!

Its Halloween Time!!
Which means Scraper Bike Day !!!
This will be our 4th annual Scraper Bike Day - Halloween Bike Ride.
This year were keeping it simple with a short video and photoshoot, followed by the Scraper Bike Halloween Street Take-Over!!

The Scraper Bike King wants to dedicate this Halloween ride to his cousin Markell Goodwin who was recently a victim of gun violence. Markell, You Will Be Missed.

Meeting @ -
Eastmont Town Center
7200 Bancroft Ave.

2p - 8p
Oct. 31st, 2010
See Ya Soon!!



Logan said...

Scraper Bike King,

I watched a video about you on California is a Place, and heard a story on NPR. I think what you are doing is really great.

I am a college student working on a project for Dowser.org. We're collecting experiences from social innovators to share with people that want to make a difference in their neighborhood.
Could I get a hold of you (call or email) so I can ask you a few questions about your experiences?

-Logan Theodore

Logan said...

Send me an email if you are able to help me out.

-Logan Theodore

Sole Bugge Møller said...

Seems like these comments are mostly from people wanting to get in contact with you guys.

I'm one of them too - I'm a Danish freelance journalist based in San Francisco and I'm interested in doing a story about the scraper bike movement, so I wanted to know if you'd be up for an interview some time soon? Please shoot me an email on hello (at) solemoller (dot) com. Thanks,

Sole Moller

Logan said...

I neglected to leave my contact info. mMy email is logan.esq [at] gmail [dot] com.


Logan Theodore

Anonymous said...

Email Baybe Champ: scraperbikes@gmail.com