July 30, 2010

City Of Oakland Scraper Bike Summer Camp

(Photo by Matthew Reamer)

The City of Oakland Parks & Recs Department, has dedicated an entire week to the Scraper Bike Movement. This week long camp will be focused around bicycle repairs, bicycle safety and creating what call a Scraper Bike.

Helmets and bike safety gear will be given to all participants!!
All ages welcome - But designed for ages 7- 13y/o

4 Oakland Parks Have Been Selected To Host The Scraper Bike Camps:

-Arroyo Viejo Park (7701 Krause Avenue Oakland, CA 94605)

-Rainbow Recreation Center (Seminary n International)

-Mosswood Park (3699 Broadway, Oakland, California CA)

-DeFremery Recreation Center (16th n Adeline St Oakland CA)

This is how the week will look:
12 - 4pm

Monday Aug.9 - Registration, Ice breakers, Safety workbooks, bike route maps

Tuesday Aug.10 - Bring your bike to camp!! Safety checks, basic repair workshop, airbrush helmets

Wednesday Aug. 11 - Bike Rodeo, Simulated City

Thursday Aug. 12 - Scraper Bike Safety Ride and Parade

Friday Aug.13 - Scraper Bike Performances, BBQ, Graduation Celebration

We would like to take this time to thank our community and the City of Oakland for supporting this movement, and creating this summer camp.

If you would like to be apart of the Scraper Bike Camp, find a participating park near you and simply register. Only for ages 7-13....Volunteers Accepted!!


André Dantas said...


I'm a Brazilian journalist and I'd like to contact the organizers of the project. What is your e-mail?


Scraper Bikes said...


Anonymous said...

Helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risks bt 85%. As long as the scrapers don't wear helmets...it sends out the wrong message to kids...As a former Traumatic Brain Injury R.N. - we have a saying..."Once a brain injury, always a brain injury." I have pimped out my helmet to match my scraper bike...please make it cool to wear a helmet...love what you are doing!!!