May 5, 2010

BRAND NEW!!!!..." Scrapertown"

Never Before Seen..Til Now....The Latest Short Documentry Of The "Scraper Bike King"..

Coming To A Film Festival Near You..

This is a beautiful new film about the Scraper Bike scene in Oakland, featuring Baybe Champ, The Scraper Bike King. You should watch it now!

“Scraper Bikes is definitely a process, and that process is definitely for the kids so they can get their mind off of what’s really goin’ on on these streets, and give them at least that hour, or two hours, to fix on their bikes. You know that hour or two hours of a life change, you feel me? Or a life saved, cuz Scraper Bikes is definitely saving a lot of these kids’ lives.”

Hit that “full screen” option. This film is so gorgeous, it should be viewed big as possible.


Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Directed By: Drea Cooper And Zackary Canepari


Janine said...

Terrific film. I had the chance to see your presentation at the Social Enterprise Alliance conference in San Francisco and loved it when you said: "What I really want to is start a nonprofit to help kids!"

Am blogging about it on our blog, Nonprofit Street.

Hamish said...

That video is amazing. I had never even heard of a scraper bike til I saw this video on the Vimeo site. Now I think I'll making my own scraper bike.

- Hamish

SWM said...

Love the video, love the movement. Nice stuff.

Harvey Bikebell said...

yeah! keep it green and dream
we making scraper bikes here in Bristol England
you got some gorgeous wheels there.

see Osacr and Leon here

Jenny Hayes said...

Hmm that’s so pleasing; carry on the excellent work I’ll again visit your blogs to learn more. Jimmy