December 24, 2011

Looking Back at 2011s Accomplishments


Happy Holidays & Happy New Years To All!!!

As we get closer and closer to the end of 2011, i(the Original Scraper Bike King)looks back over this years accomplishments. From Jan. - Dec. we managed to rack up a list of accomplishments and promotion features that were very grateful to have received.

-"Scrapertown"- the short documentary about the Scraper Bike Movement reached over 200,000 views (via Vimeo).

-Scraper Bikes featured in French Magazine (Be Street Mag.)

-Traveled to Oshkosh Wisconsin to hold a Scraper Bike Workshop on the university campus.

-Traveled to Carbondale Colorado to present and received an award at the 5Point Film Fest.

-Nominated and Won a National Jefferson Award for Public Services, honoring me 1 of 10 "GlobalChangers of 2011".

-Voluntarily mentored at our local middle school (Frick Middle School - Oakland)

-Displayed the "Scraper Bike Teams" bikes in the Addison st. Window Gallery in Berkeley and the EastSide Cultural Center in Oakland.

- Released exclusive portraits of the Original Scraper Bike Team (via Hardy Wilsons Photos)

-The Scraper Bike Team awarded, Best of the Bay for "Best Single-File Style"..(via.SF Bay Guardian)

-Scraper Bikes featured in a Portugal Magazine (DIF Mag.)

-Began the application process to received our 501(c)3 non-profit status.

-Landed local Bus/BART and Billboard status with our "that could be me" HIV/AIDS campaign. (City-Wide)

-The Scraper Bike Movement featured & introduced on Cartoon Networks the "Regular Show" with an episode called "Cool Bikes".

-Successfully planned and hosted our 1st Annual Scraper Bike Toy Dive & Christmas Tree Sale..

-Able to see my 23rd Birthday (Dec.19th 2011)

Special Thanks to our believers and supports that made this movement what is today..
Continue spreading the word about the Scraper Bike Movement.(Were changing the world, one city and one bike at a time.)

I Wounder what 2012 holds for the Scraper Bike Movement? Only one way to find out...Stay Tuned for the Scraper Bike Take-Over!!!! Its the Movement #Shwag!

-Mr.International himself (Baybe F.Champ)

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