September 25, 2011

"that could be me" - Help our youth Eradicate HIV in Oakland


The East Oakland HIV Prevention Project & Health Ambassadors at Youth Uprising presents:..."That Could Be Me"...

Look for the "that could be me" Billboards, bus signs and in BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

The East Oakland HIV Prevention Project (EOHPP) has taken a stand against stigma and ignorace defined as a lack of knowledge and /or information. Over the past three yoears, EOHPP has entered the spaces of classrooms, churches, youth develoment centers, summer enhancement programs and health fairs to extend a level of care to our youth and young adults by expounding love of self, body, mind and spirit and education. This takes the form of workshops, open dialog and safe places for youth to obtain knowledge about themselves, their bodies and their relationships...(excerpt)


"Besides drugs and gun violence, HIV/AIDS is the next leading cause of deaths in Oakland. My father passed away in 1996 due to the infection, we need to be more aware and knowledable of the actions we take as humans. Wrap it up, that could be me...But then again, it could be you..Get Tested, Know Your Status, And Love Yourself Always!"
-Baybe Champ- The Original Scraper Bike King

090511125311 :For More Information

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