September 19, 2010

Nikes - Camp Hatfield


Recently Baybe Champ ,The Scraper Bike King (Tyrone Stevenson Jr.) was invited to Sandpoint, Idaho for Nikes 6.0 "Camp Hatfield". He presented and tough, Nike 6.0 sponsored athletes (BMX Riders, Skateboarders, Surfers, Snowboarders, etc.) how to create their own Scraper Bikes, as well as inform them on how this movement is REALLY! saving lives of the youth in Oakland CA. "The connections between myself and the athletes were mind blowing" Baybe Champ says. "We all shared the same vision of changing the world by raising awareness of social and environment issues."


"Camp Hatfield" was built for the wife of Tinker Hatfields (Nikes- Vice President of Innovation, and shoe designer 'famous for designing all of Air Jordan shoes). This camp was built around 2 of Nikes main priorities: to access sports for all, and to protect the playground. This 3 day camp that Baybe Champ attended, invited some of the most compelling game-changers in the industry, to address these founding principals in the context of innovation and search for sustainable solutions.


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