May 19, 2010

Lets Give A Helping Hand..

Your Donation Will Reach The Youth Sooner Then You Think..
Any Amount Of Money Will Make A Difference In These Young Peoples Lives.


Thanks For Your Support.


scterry5 said...

I am working on a website project that will network scraper bike crews and bike youth centers around the world with bios, pics, contacts, etc. Site will be Ultimately would love a network for donations and bike drives to flow through too plus giving Oakland all the props! I am the director of The PowerHouse Teen center in Washington, IN and scraper bikes are on the scene in the midwest. Contact me so we can talk. or Sean @ 812-617-5121. Peace.

Erueti Brown said...

Tena Koe from New Zealand! I've really enjoyed watching the Scraper Movement grow from strength to strength - After watching "Scraper Town" I'm looking forward to seeing it spread here in NZ. Have you setup a facebook page at all?

Really amazing positive stuff,the creative flair humbles & crumbles me to pieces!