January 1, 2010

Its 2010!!!...Happy New Year!!!


2010 Is Going To Be A Huge Year For The Scraper Bike Movement. Were Planning On Launching 3 Brand New Items This Year, That Will Give You A Clear Vision Of Wat Our Overall Dreams Are. Coming Soon Later This Year..We Have So Many Suprises In Store For All Of Our Fans And Supporters World-Wide...At This Point On The Rode To Startdom, We Ask That Everybody Help Us Promote This Global Phenomenon Like It Should Of Been Promoted Back In 2007, When The Original Scraper Bike Song Was Created..Lets Keep It Possitive, Keep It Peaceful, And Keep It For The Kids...2010 Is The Year To Win, And The Scraper Bike Movement Is Here To Stay...

Dont Forget To Download The New Scraper Bike Anthem...More Music Comin Soon....

...Lets Do It Right This Time Around...



Photos By: Romel Lucas

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Anonymous said...

Im the editor of a cycling magazine, the ride journal. Matthew Reamer is letting us use some of his Scraper bike photos in the next issue and I'd love to have some thing written by yourself. Please email me at theridejournal@hotmail.com and we can talk about it.

Check our website and have a look at what we're about.
Hope to hear from you soon.